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Close more deals with a predictable and repeatable sales process


Watch this interview with our MSP sales expert guide, Mark Woldman, to win over new prospective clients by finding best practices that will help you become Sales-Ready. Here you’ll learn key concepts and practices that will move your sales forward!


Have you ever wondered why

  • You struggle to communicate your value to your prospect
  • Prospects stay with their current provider, even when they are not happy
  • You have a hard time closing deals that were not referrals
  • You lack consistency in sales
  • The sales person you hired has not sold anything in 6 months


It all comes down to one thing: If you want more sales - you must first achieve sales-readiness.


What is sales readiness and how will it help me generate, qualify and close more sales: Better sales figures begin with a better sales model. In this online course you can find Best Practices to become Sales-Ready. You will learn the key concepts and practices so you can:

  • Avoid the most common sales and marketing mistakes
  • Define who you sell to, what you sell to them, and how you sell it
  • Leverage the Value Gap Methodology ™
  • Set and achieve meaningful sales goals
  • The tools and processes used by the most successful sales people
  • Repeatable, predictable, scalable sales process



  • Developing a Sales Strategy - How to put your Vision, Goals, Plan and Process into motion
  • Demand Generation - Connections are king. How to connect with more people
  • Start Acting like a Coach or Consultant - Leveraging the power of a Consultative Sales Process
  • The Value Gap Methodology ™ - How the best sales people in the world sell anything
  • Sales and Marketing Roles and Functions - How to properly align your available resources
  • Putting it all Together - What do I do next?


Your IT Sales Expert Guide - Mark Woldman

Your IT Sales Expert Guide - Mark WoldmanMark has seen too many MSPs lose precious time and money on sales programs that do not work or on a salesperson that never sold a thing, hoping these changes would solve their sales woes.

He has worked with MSPs of all sizes, from owner operators to companies with hundreds of employees, to identify the gaps in their sales programs. What he and his team created with this knowledge is a program that helps any MSP implement a repeatable and predictable sales model that will deliver results.

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