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Automate All Your QBRs


Problem: "I don't do QBRs, TBRs or SBRs because they take too much time and I am spread thin already"

Solution: You can automate large portions of your client engagement while increasing the human touchpoint AND saving time.

Result: Average time per client saves? 6 hours.

Ok...you can't get an AI to sit in the room with your clients, nor should you. However what if we do the heaving lifting for you and automate the content that you need to talk through in your Client Engagements? All you need to do is schedule the meeting and walk through the door. Well... we have been doing it for a while now to great success so in this webinar let's show you how we do it!"

Guest speakers, Skip Ziegler and Adam Walter give advice in this down-to-earth webinar on streamlining client engagement.


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