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2 Questions for QBR


Quit trying to educate your clients about technology and turn the tables to understand what is important to them. Ask them these two important questions in order to recognize their goals:

  1. What is your number one source of revenue?
  2. What is your number one risk to that revenue?

These are the most important topics that clients deal with, and they will help MSPs find solutions. Quit trying to simply educate. Your clients don’t want to better understand technology—they want a partner that can help them be more successful. If you don’t understand what success looks like for them, you’ll never be more than a vendor that can easily be replaced.

When to use this?

  • When discovering client goals
  • Before you bring solutions to the table

How to use this?

  • Use this as a starting point for your first conversation
  • Take the information learned during this discussion and base solutions on their answers


Download the 2 Questions for QBR