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QBR: Strategic Business Review


Like all good relationships, MSPs and their clients should be on the same page. A business has goals and objectives, and the MSP is there to help achieve those items. Technology can be seen as a valuable business tool when there is a strategy behind what your clients are using. This changes the perspective of IT spending from utility spending to performance enhancement. But, you can’t just implement every technology known to man. This resource will help you understand your client’s goals in order to implement a strategy that will increase project revenue and streamline business production. It will also help MSPs be a partner to clients instead of simply fixing technical issues.

When to use this?

  • When looking at what goals your client is trying to achieve
  • Before getting started with the technology implementation

How to use this?

  • Use this to assess your client’s goals
  • Take the information from this overview and align your strategy based off of your client’s goals


Download the QBR: Strategic Business Review