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QBR Time Calculator

Do you spend the right amount of time with clients?

Account Managers tend to spend more time with noisy, demanding and friendly clients rather than the silent, large, profitable ones that offer more opportunities.

This means it’s critical to estimate the optimal time to be spent with each client regarding their size and potential. If we do not set proper expectations things get too ad-hoc and reactive.

The 6th tool of the QBR Toolkit is the “QBR Time Calculator”. It’s a simple calculator you can use to estimate the proper time you or your team should spend on QBRs and other client engagement activities.

The tool estimates a monthly time to spend with clients based on:

  1. Whether your MSP is low/middle/high touch
  2. The cost of delivering QBRs
  3. How much money your clients are spending with you

When to use the calculator?

  • When planning client engagement activities
  • Review the time spent with clients

How to use the Checklist?

  • Complete the variables
  • Play with the different what-if scenarios


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