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QBR: NIST Cyber Security Overview


Cyber risk assessments can not be avoided or outsourced—MSPs must be part of the process. Although risk can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, your client needs to understand how to avoid security breaches or system failures. This cyber security overview will help MSPs easily integrate security into all areas of the technology discussions. The non-technical breakdown of information, simple organization and consistent scoring will get the executive level involved in the conversation. It’s simple to use and incorporates into other areas of business so your clients will see the benefits without having to sacrifice time and energy.

When to use this?

  • When looking at what risks your clients should avoid
  • Before having your client implement new technology

How to use this?

  • Use this to assess your client’s potential risks
  • Take the information from this overview and help your clients understand how to be more secure


Download the QBR: NIST Cyber Security Overview