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QBR: IT Services Assessment


Your clients don’t want another spreadsheet. They want to know that you are working on technology solutions that will actually help them. This assessment will help you see where your client is at on their technology journey by looking at their company’s infrastructure to find any gaps or missing steps. Your clients may not have the tools to succeed, which is where you—the MSP—can save the day. Identify how you can truly make their company better with technology and prove your value. Since you are your client’s partner, our assessment makes it easy for you to go through this step-by-step with them to ensure the best results.

When to use this?

  • When looking at what technology your client currently uses
  • Before having your client implement new technology

How to use this?

  • Use this to assess your client’s current technology use
  • Take the information from this assessment and help their technology use be beneficial for their business


Download the QBR: IT Services Assessment