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Lessons Learned: How to drive profits during uncertain times

The problem is you are not getting projects, and business is stagnating.  The answer is "lessons learned". These are the number one thing professionals are not doing today that they need to do NOW. Here we give you the tool and training you need to thrive rather than get buried in today's economy.

We know that MSPs that are currently running lessons learned sessions with clients are:

  • Generating additional project revenue
  • Upgrading packages
  • Re-Connecting with clients.

What is in it for your MSP? 

  • Turnkey lessons learned process
  • Get out of firefighting mode now
  • Stop leaving cash on the table today!

Main Points: 

Hold lessons learned with clients to increase project revenue,  maintain continuity, and get out of firefighting mode.  We will teach 3 questions to ask:

  • What went well?
  • What went poorly?
  • What actions do we have to take?

There is more to it than this and we will teach the tools and techniques to streamline these conversations among your clients so you can maximize your client's potential during these stressful times!

Don't just survive, thrive!

To get the most out of this webinar, have 3 clients in mind. Ideally, these 3 will be clients you know well and will be the most open to having a lessons learned conversation.  Then, during the webinar, visualize how you will approach each client and talk them through what we are doing. Immediately after the webinar schedule the conversations with them!


Your vCIO Expert Guide: Adam Walter

Your vCIO Expert Guide: Adam WalterAdam has been leading technical and business teams in a variety of environments for 20 years. 

Using this knowledge he now trains and delivers materials to MSPs around the world that enable them to deliver engaging & strategic sessions that will result in better client relations and higher revenues.

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