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Build a scalable Account Management and vCIO operation


Develop and operate a scalable, structured and seamless Account Management and vCIO operation

  • Efficient Operation - Streamline your operation by Developing and Adopting your Technology Best Practices, Technology Stack and Service Standards.
  • Sustainable Growth - Close more infrastructure projects and expand your Security, vCIO and Cloud Services with Client Engagement Activities
  • Differentiation - Running business-focused QBRs, Audits and Annual Planning sessions defines you as a high-value business partner.



1. Key Ideas to Align Critical Client Engagement Roles - Solve the hidden issues that  prevent your Account Management and vCIO operation to scale

  1. Identify the Strategic Client Roles
  2. Align the Communication
  3. Plan the cadence of communication


2. Key Ideas in Adopting your Standards - Reduce communication friction and set expectations for all stakeholders.

  1. 3 Levels of Standardization
  2. Standardization Process
  3. Use visuals to manage misalignments


3. Key Ideas to Deliver High-value Client Meetings - Decide on a strategic level annually and execute on the tactical level quarterly

  1. Dedicated Technology Engagement Meetings
  2. Dedicated Business Engagement Meetings
  3. Integrate your Strategic and Tactical conversation into one unified report


4. Drive Technology Roadmaps - Connect the strategic and tactical levels to communicate effectively to clients and in-house

  1. Farm Projects with Recommendation Roadmaps
  2. Forecast client’s and your own budget
  3. Align technology projects with service upgrades


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