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Executive QBR Power Questions

Are you truly engaging your client executives and owners?

Most MSPs are establishing great personal relationships with Office Managers and Technical Contact persons because of the regular work together. As executives are not part of the operation it is very important to know them better, understand them better and build strong relationships with them through the only touchpoint you have with them: Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs).

The Executive QBR Power Question PDF helps to have a better conversation with your client’s executives.

  1. Lead with engaging personal and business questions
  2. Unlock very engaging conversations with them and become their trusted advisor
  3. Be confident having non technical conversations with business professionals

The more power questions you ask, the more strategic your meetings become. This is critical to communicate your value, differentiate your offering and generate more project and service revenues.

When to use the QBR Power Questions?

  • Meeting with executives, owners and high level decision makers
  • During QBRs, IT Strategy Meetings and IT Sales Presentations

How to use the QBR Power Questions?

  • When preparing the meeting jot down question ideas
  • Print out the questions on paper for use during a meeting