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Remote QBR Checklist

Have you successfully switched to remote QBRs?

As QBRs are delivered remotely Account Managers, vCIOs and MSP owners are facing specific challenges in order to get engagements from clients and get projects approved. Without adjusting the QBR process to the new norm the reduced efficiency of QBRs can lead to all sorts of problems. Decisions on important projects are not made on time, their roadmap is not executed because of lack of communication, and the value that MSPs offer is not seen.

The 3rd tool of the QBR Toolkit is the “Remote QBR Checklist”. It’s a simple framework to make sure you can transition to remote QBRs as soon as possible in order to fill your project pipeline with high engagement from clients.

The checklist provides you four areas of best practices:

  1. Remote QBR Setup Readiness - what you need to make your QBRs attractive so people will love participating
  2. Before the Remote QBR - what you need to be super-prepared in a time crunch
  3. During the Remote QBR - what you need to enforce making decisions in the meetings
  4. After the Remote QBR - what you need to do to handoff the actions to the team and set them toward success

When to use the checklist?

  • When preparing for a client meeting
  • When reviewing clients internally

How to use the Checklist?

  • Use it as a list of action items in your next QBR
  • Share it with a client as recommended process for delivering remote QBRs