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A Ready to Deliver Annual Strategy Meeting Template


Let me guess, your QBRs are dry and uneventful? 

The lack of meaningful content in your meetings make them so boring your clients won't show up for another one? 

You are trying to make this better, but don't have time to follow a 300 step process.

This always results in:

  • Cash being left on the table
  • Disengaged clients
  • Clients unexpectedly switching to competitors
  • Drawn-out processes that never seem to end (or get paid!)

Enter the annual review process:

A simple one-hour meeting, when done right, will fuel your roadmap all year,  or in the case of small clients for up to 3 years!

The best part?  We designed this framework to be used by small and medium MSPs. We know you are busy, so we have done the work for you!
For less than the price of a pair of zoom licenses, you can change your MSP today!

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Strategy Template Preview



Like what you see? 

If you like the look of this dark mode template optimized for online presentations then watch the 1-hour on-demand webinar to learn how to use it to fuel your future QBRs with almost no effort.

Then, if you think the free tool is great, wait until you use our complete vCIO Framework for automating, developing, marketing and delivering services to your clients!  

We don't have a 300 step process, you can use these templates today to impress clients and get out of firefighting mode.  Not only this but the tools will showcase your unique value and give your clients a roadmap to follow for years to come. 


This Framework will radically change the way you meet with clients and significantly boost your profitability. 


The download can be used to transform your very next client meeting, but behind it is a framework that can scale across all of your clients.

The beauty of this Framework is that we have done all the work for you.  You simply have to decide where you want to begin.   (We recommend wherever will generate cash fastest!)

Advantages of upgrading to the HIT Framework:

  • Dynamic Reports prebuilt for each focus area
  • Expert coaches on demand
  • Weekly webinars to keep you focused
  • Branded Marketing material to take your presentations to the next level

This framework has already changed small and medium MSPs around the world.  Our members are already having record years (yes even during the crisis) and generating tens of thousands of dollars in projects during each client meeting.

Or just skip the webinar and join the community right now.


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