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Delivering Business Focused QBRs


You would like to be a high-value business partner in your client’s eyes rather than a basic technology service provider. Your QBR process is a critical part of influencing their engagement up to a higher level.

Adam Walter is going to share his 5 step process to make any technical QBR into a business focused one.

  1. Do a SWOT Analysis for creating a business strategy context

  2. Do a Technology Stack Audit for creating a technology strategy context

  3. Do a Technology Roadmap Plan to translate the strategies to tactical projects

  4. Use business-tactical agenda points to review, approve and execute their projects

  5. Use technical-tactical agenda points to align their technology expectations


After implementing the process you can be sure that executives are looking forward to your next QBR, seeing you as an asset to their business, not just their technology.


Your vCIO Expert Guide: Adam Walter

Your vCIO Expert Guide: Adam WalterAdam has witnessed too bad QBRs….. And felt this is what he can help with...

He trained and craftedeated materials for MSPs around the world to deliver engaging & strategic sessions.make delivery it better

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