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How to get out of Account Management Debt



Your MSP might be the victim of its own success. The better your services become the less face-time you have with your clients. However the MSP business model is high-touch, and clients expect premium services.

Client Engagement Debt is a concept that encompasses the implied cost of not having enough quality Account Management, Technical Account Management, vCIO or IT Consulting activities with your clients.

This costs you money, erodes trust, loses opportunities and even lowers the value your clients see in your services. Let’s take a look at how much debt you have and how to get rid of it this year.


Sea-Level Operations


Mananged Services Platform



In this round table discussion, podcast type webinar, we are going to see different perspectives from:

  • Rex Frank - CEO, Sea-Level Operations [Operation Maturity]
  • Jason Gilbert - CEO, Clear Fuze Network [MSP Owner]
  • Richard Anderson - vCIO, CEO, Imagine IT [MSP vCIO]
  • Denes Purnhauser - CEO, ManagedServices Platform  [Account Management]



We discussed through the following topics

  • How to figure out whether you have Account Management Debt
  • The 5 key symptoms of Account Management Debt
  • The trap of becoming operationally efficient with clients
  • The keys to balancing act of generating and managing growth
  • Account Management contribution to Growth and Operation Excellence