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How to Communicate Cyber Security to Executives


Despite all trends favouring cyber security related services, the gap is still growing between the real value of cyber security services and their perceived business value.

The cyber security assessments are technical, so executives do not see value investing in cyber security. Some expect those services are covered by the service providers already.

The cause of this confusion is that most MSPs lack a business focussed assessment, action plan and development process for cyber security.


The goal of this webinar is to find out: 

  • How to articulate the business value of higher cyber security standards
  • How to turn cyber security assessments into business conversations
  • How to create proper business development plans for clients
  • How to turn project opportunities into MRR increasing services in 2021


Our agenda is:

  1. Cyber Security Communication Best Practices with Executives
  2. Walkthrough of the MSPL’s NIST Cyber Security Communication Framework
  3. All participants get a coupon from the $500 Solution Set
  4. Upcoming new features supporting the cyber security communication


Caleb Christopher

  • Cyber Security Communication Practitioner
  • Developer of the NIST Cyber Security Communication Framework


Denes Purnhauser

  • Client Engagement Expert
  • Developer of the Client Engagement Excellence Framework