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How to Win New Clients in a Predictable Way

5 Step IT Consultative Sales Framework - Video Course


Selling MSP services is a very unpredictable and long process. If prospects have no visible pain they won't change their providers if only for a better price. Generating demand among high-value, high-maturity clients with potential is a challenge as they have no IT infrastructure problems left to solve. Everybody can claim to be an MSP so it’s difficult to differentiate from the competition.

The problem is that selling to high-value prospects who don’t have immediate IT needs requires a different approach than managed IT service providers are used to.


This program was developed to give you a comprehensive step-by-step approach and the tools to take your IT sales activities to the next level.

We’ve started with a consultative IT sales model to break down this problem into manageable pieces.

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  • Day 1. : Your Message
  • Day 2. : Attractive Lead Magnets
  • Day 3. : First Impression
  • Day 4. : Consultative Sales Workshop
  • Day 5. : Proposal Process
  • Day 6. : Kickstart the sales
  • Day 7. : How to make this happen

I know you’ve got big growth goals and dreams. I’ll teach you the techniques you’ll need to accomplish them. But if you’ve struggled to hit goals in the past, you may not have been applying consultative sales principles to make the IT sales predictable.

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