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Maximize your Continuum Help Desk Partnership



Continuum’s Assist Help Desk team has worked wonders for my company over the years. But I’ve learned the hard way that outsourcing a core operational process like I.T. Help Desk can’t be treated as ‘set it and forget it’. Far too often, this will result in frustrated clients and your Help Desk service not being integrated or responsive to your company’s needs. This seminar will help you maximize your Continuum Help Desk partnership, covering tips and tricks learned over 5 years of working with them every day. And yes, the devil is in the details.



  • Initial Partner Alignment Process
  • Partner Documentation Standards
  • Service Quality Assurance Process
  • Client Alignment Process


Your Continuum Help Desk Expert Guide: Josh Weiss


Josh has worked daily with the help desk since 2014 and has worked hard to generate streamlined processes and best practices with Continuum. Although, he served on Continuum’s Help Desk Partner Advisory Council, and the Early Access Beta Team and speaks annually at Continuum Navigate he found that the experience of an MSP can be better with a method, step-by-step process and education on how to get this work faster.

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