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MSP to Cloud Managed Service Provider


Do these statements sound familiar?

  • I know my business can’t look like the same 5 years from now and survive.
  • I sell and support Microsoft AD and I don’t have a plan to transition away from it.
  • I sell “the cloud” in pieces and parts, but don’t have a solid strategy for how my business markets, sells and supports it.
  • New prospects and current customers are asking for true cloud services, and I don’t have a consistent service delivery model.
  • I fear moving to pure cloud services and commoditizing my offering, and I am not sure what the financial metrics are.


Watch this recorded webinar with our cloud expert guide, Jamison West, who has a proven framework for conventional MSPs for transitioning to a Cloud Managed Service Provider (CCSP) model.


We will discuss the following:

  • Why you need to understand and embrace the cloud
  • How to set a strategy for the transition
  • How to execute across all areas of the business.


Your CCSP Expert Guide - Jamison West

Jamison West, CCSP Expert Guide for MSPsJamison struggled watching new cloud-based technologies bypass his IT Services firm and his clients. Revenues and margins were being driven lower and the ability to provider higher value services was a struggle under the legacy infrastructure model.

Jamison embraced the commoditization of modern cloud infrastructure and utilized that model to layer in much higher-value services to his clients, resulting in stable, or even increased, revenue and margins across his organization.

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Learn how to shift from a legacy MSP to a CCSP business model