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The 4 Steps of Successful Cybersecurity Service Monetization




Learn how to monetize on the cybersecurity opportunity by educating clients on their need for security, clarifying your role as the MSP, and what their next steps should be. In this process, you clearly delineate managed services (custodianship) from information security responsibilities so that you can effectively sell cybersecurity services separately.

Often customers incorrectly assume that security is an IT problem. That means they believe security rests with the MSP to perform. Without slinging a bunch of breach statistics and FUD fear/uncertainty/doubt, we will learn how to show asset owners their failure to understand and address the business risks that have been introduced by technology. Once they see this failure, we can explain what the MSP does currently do to help them, and what the next steps are for the asset owner identify and address risks.

  • Show there is a path from current state to being able to charge for security services
  • MSPs should want to either purchase the solution set to build their own program, or just want to sell Infosec’s assessments



  • Understand there is a path from current state to being able to charge for security services
  • Explain the 4 step process MSPs can use to either outsource or build their own cybersecurity program
  • Provide next steps for those ready to monetize security


Your Cybersecurity Expert Guide: Caleb Christopher


Caleb Christopher, Your IT Security Expert Guide

Caleb worked at an MSP who wanted to build a security program. He felt the frustrations of needing to develop an education program to help clients understand cybersecurity and their need to do something about it, needing to choose the right cybersecurity tools, train-up or staff-up for security, and mobilize a salesforce and technical team around a cybersecurity program offering.

Caleb was a Director of Technical Operations at a cybersecurity firm, managing a penetration testing team, vulnerability assessments, and conducting consultative executive summary briefings with customers.

He’s authored articles in BoardRoom Magazine, is a regular speaker at regional IT and Information Security conferences, and is an active member of the local information security community.

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