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Why your Strategic IT Client Engagements are failing



Your IT client engagements are important opportunities to show your strategic value and provide expert management of their IT resources. These meetings are often pressed for time and don’t always have the right attendees. By developing a framework to deliver meaningful content that addresses the business needs you can begin distinguishing yourself as a high-value partner.

To do this we must carefully define our engagements and structure them to support the business and be consistent in our delivery. This seminar will help you to understand the key elements about how to define and streamline your technology engagements by creating clear technology roadmaps for your clients. Delivering Strategic IT Client Engagements will assist you in the building of IT Infrastructures for your clients that will drive not only your business, but theirs as well. Managing these Strategic Engagements properly will help your business maintain efficient resource utilization and provide consistent project cash flow.



  • Communicate the Strategic Value of IT (Storyboards)
  • Create Project Roadmaps for Strategic Initiatives (Report Roadmaps)
  • Consolidate Project Roadmaps to a Client Roadmap
  • Consolidate Client Roadmaps to a company-wide Roadmap Portfolio


Your Technical vCIO Expert Guide: Skip Ziegler


Your Technology Engagement Expert Guide: Skip Ziegler

Early in his career, Skip realized that just understanding the technology was only part of the challenge.  To make technology truly valuable to an organization you had to communicate with business leaders; to align the possibilities that IT could deliver and meet the goals and needs of the business.

Skip Ziegler has developed a results-driven focus on applying technology to meet the needs of the business.

He believes that Technology Best Practice and Technology Stack adoption lead to the required operational efficiency to stay competitive on the disrupted IT Infrastructure market

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Develop and adopt your Technology Best Practice!